Privacy Policy

1. Purpose
1-A. Soulfinger Corp. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) respects personal information of the Members in providing STAR POP App Service (hereinafter referred to as “Service), and it is putting the best efforts for efficient management and secure protection of the Members’ personal information.
1-B. The Company abides by related statutes, such as ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC. With the Privacy Policy, the Company notifies of the purposes and methods of utilizing the personal information given by the Members, and what kind of measures are taken to protect the personal information.
1-C. The Company provides easy access to the policy for the Members, from the Website ( and notifications in the Service.

2. Method and Range in Collecting Personal Information
2-A. The Company prepares an agreement process on Terms of Service and collection and utilization of Personal Information at the time of Member Registration, and the Company understands the Member has agreed to collection and utilization of personal information by agreeing to the terms in the process.
2-B. The Company can collect the following personal information for providing the Service and fulfilling the contract, and it does not ask for personal information which might involve concerns against basic human rights (race, nationality, ideas, hometown etc). The following information is asked:
- ID (e-mail), nickname, password, service version, records of using the service (access log, event progress, item purchase, payment records, etc), device information (model name, OS version, unique device identity number, etc), Social Media information such as Facebook
2-C. The Company collects personal information in the following methods
(1) Member registration, service inquiry, event entry, request for shipping, etc.
(2) Collection using tools for gathering information
2-D. The company does not use or collect cookies to provide services.
What is a cookie? - A small text file that a web server passes to a web browser on a particular website.

3. Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Utilization
The Company uses such collected Personal Information for the following purposes:
3-A. Finding users’ Passwords
- Send temporary password to collected e-mail address upon user’s request
3-B. Contract fulfillment for providing the Service
- Providing the content, shipping items
3-C. Membership Management
- Prevent of abuse by faulty Members due to using limited membership Service, confirm account registration, record preservation for resolving conflicts, Service consultation such as complaints, transferring matters subject to notification
3-D. Utilization for Marketing and Advertisement
- Development of new services and providing customized service, providing service and advertisement posting depending on statistical characteristics, service validity check, understanding login frequency, statistics on Member’s use of Service, events and other commercial information and providing participating opportunities

4. Sharing and Providing Personal Information
4-A. The company shall use users’ personal information within the scope notified on “2. Method and Range in Collecting Personal Information,” and does not exceed the scope or reveal users’ personal information without prior consent from the users. However, the following exceptions apply:
(1) When users agreed to reveal such information
(2) When there are demands by investigative agencies based on related statutes, or following the process methods notified in such related statutes for investigative purposes
(3) When it is necessary for billing and accounting the payment and billing requested by the users
(4) When it is necessary to ship prizes and winner managements in events

5. Retention and Utilization Period of Collected Personal Information
5-A. When a Member cancels his or her membership, or when the Member ID has been deleted due to reasons such as false personal information registration, collected personal information will be completely deleted and will be processed so that it will not be able to be utilized in any purpose.
5-B. As specified in 6-A from this Privacy Policy, Member’s personal information is instantly deleted when the purposes for collecting and utilizing the personal information are fulfilled. However, when it is necessary to retain personal information based on company policy or related statutes, personal information can be retained for the following periods:
1) Records regarding contract or subscription cancellation – reason for retention: ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC.
- Retention Period: 5 years
2) Records regarding payments and provision of goods, etc – reason for retention: ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC.
- Retention Period: 5 years
3) 3) Records regarding consumers’ complaint or conflict handling – reason for retention: ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC.
- Retention Period: 3 years
4) Records of service visitation
- Retention Period: 3 months
5) All accounting records and evidential documents for all transactions stipulated by tax law – reason for retention: FRAMEWORK ACT ON NATIONAL TAXES
- Retention Period: 5 years

6. Process and Method for Personal Information Destruction
6-A. The company keeps it a general rule to instantly destroy personal information once the purposes for its collection and utilization is fulfilled.
6-B. Member’s personal information will not be utilized in any other way than the reason for retention, unless based on legal grounds.
6-C. Destruction Method
(1) Printed personal information will be destroyed by shredding or incinerating.
(2) Personal information stored in electronic file form will be deleted using a technological method in which restoring the record is impossible.

7. Member’s Rights and Method to Exercise the Rights
7-A. Although the Company does not collect users’ age, when a user is confirmed to be less than 14 years of age, it will seek legal representative’s consent at any time.
7-B. The Member can check or view his or her own personal information, and is entitled to request termination of personal information processing, or membership cancelation at any time. However, in such cases, a part or all of the Service can be restricted.
7-C. The Member can check his or her personal information at [Membership Information] within the Service, and can always cancel the contract for service use through [Withdraw from Service] at any time, and the Member’s personal information is entirely deleted in such cancellation. However, when it falls under 5-B in the Privacy Policy, the information can be retained for the retention period based on related statutes.
7-D. When the Member demands correction or deletion of his or her own personal information, the Company shall instantly take necessary measures after identity confirmation.
7-E. In cases where the Member demands correction in personal information error, existing personal information will be withheld from use until the correction is completed. Moreover, in cases where incorrect personal information was provided to a third party based on 4-A, corrected result will be provided to the third party.
7-F. The Company handles personal information cancelled or deleted upon Member’s request based on 5. From Privacy Policy, so that it will not be utilized or accessed for any other purposed than the specified purposes.

8. Technical and Managerial Measures for Personal Information Protection
The Company prepares the following technical and managerial measures in handling Members’ personal information to secure safety so the information will not be lost, stolen, leaked, forged or damaged.
8-A. Technical Measures
(1) The company is putting its best efforts so that the Member’s personal information will not be leaked or damaged due to hackings or computer viruses. Data backup is frequently done as a precaution against personal information damage, and the latest vaccine programs are being used in order to prevent users’ personal information or materials from leakage and damages. The company uses encrypted communication so that personal information will be safely transferred through the network. Unauthorized access from outside is contained by the firewall system. The Company tries to be prepared with every possible technical equipment to secure safe system.
8-B. Managerial Measures
(1) Handling personal information is limited to the person in charge at the Company, and a separate password is provided and regularly updated for the management. The Personal Information Manager is frequently educated with an emphasis on abiding by the Privacy Policy.
(2) The Company checks the Privacy Policy is being kept at all times by having a Personal Information Manager, and in case of a problem the company will put efforts to instantly correct such issues. However, the Company is not responsible in any way for problems arising from users’ own negligence or personal information leakage due to issues on the internet.

9. Person in Charge of Managing the Personal Information
The company has designated Personal Information Manager, who is in charge of collecting opinions and handling complaints regarding personal information.

* Company: Soulfinger Corp.
* Name: Kim, Woo-Sub
* Department (Position): Management Team (Director)
* E-MAIL :
* PHONE : 02-543-0052

(1) Work Hours for Personal Information Manager
- Weekday: 10:00~19:00
- Off-duty on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
(2) Other Organizations to Report or Consult Issues on Personal Information Breach
- Personal Information Breach Report Center ( / 118)
- High tech crime investigation department at Supreme Prosecutor’s Office ( / 02-3480-2000)
- Cyber Bureau at the National Police Agency ( / 02-392-0330)

10. Notification and Modification of the Privacy Policy
(1) In case where the Company modifies the Privacy Policy, the Company shall specify reasons for modification and application date along with current Privacy Policy, and notify via the Notifications in the Service, starting from 7 days before the application date and a day before the date. However, in case where important modifications take place in user’s rights or responsibilities, the notification will be made at least 30 days beforehand.
(2) It is understood that the user has agreed to the modified details in the policy, when the Company has notified the details of the modification according to (1), and that not expressing rejection before the day the modification is being applied would be considered as agreeing to the modification, and the user does not explicitly show his or her disagreement.
(3) Despite the terms specified in (2), separate agreement will be personally obtained when the Company collects additional personal information or provide personal information to a third party.
(4) The Privacy Policy is provided in Korean, English and other languages for the convenience of the users. In case where the translation does not match the Korean, the Korean “Terms and Policies” will be considered to have the priority.

Supplemental Terms
The Privacy Policy is effective starting from August 11, 2015.

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