Terms and Refund policy

1. Purpose
The purpose of these Terms of Service is to define the rights, obligations, responsibility and other necessary details for the Members and Soulfinger Corp. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) regarding STAR POP app service (hereinafter referred to as “Service”).

2. Definition
2-A. The definitions of the vocabulary used in the Terms of Service are as follows:
(1) "Member" refers to customers that connect to the “Service” of the “Company,” enter into the user agreement according to these Terms of Service, and use the “Service” the “Company” provides.
(2) “Account” refers to log-in accounts based on e-mail address and password to use the “Service.”
(3) “Point” refers to furnished scores according to use of the “Service,’ or prize in promotional terms by the “Company,” a reward system provided for “Member.” The “Point” can be a currency that can be spent like cash, but it cannot be exchanged to cash.
(4) "Paid Service” refers to various digital content (including virtual currency, items, functions, etc) and related services provided after paymet has been made according to policies and processes designated by the “Company.”
(5) “Gem” refers to virtual currency that can be obtained with payment for the “Paid Service.”
(6) “Open Market Business” refers to businesses that provide services for installation and payment for the “Company.” (Examples: Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc)
(7) “Content” refers to copyrighted material the Company provides to the Members via this Service, including characters, items, character motions, etc.
2-B. The rest of the vocabulary used in the Terms of Service, except those explicitly defined in the Terms of Service, are used according to the related statutes and other common commercial practices.

3. Notification and Modification of the Terms of Service
3-A. The “Company” notifies the content of the Terms of Service, business name, location of the business, name of the representative, corporate registration number and contact information at http://www.starpop.net (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) so that the “Member” can access such information.
3-B. The “Company” can modify the Terms of Service as long as such modification does not violate related statutes such as "ACT ON THE REGULATION OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS" and "ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC. (hereinafter referred to as "INFORMATION AND NETWORK ACT").
3-C. When the “Company” modifies the Terms of Service, it will notify the date of application and reasons for modification, along with current Terms of Service, according to the process defined in 3-A. The notification will be made 7 days prior to the application until one day before the application. However, the notification will be made 30 days prior to the application in case the modification of the Terms of Service is unfavorable to the Member, and there will be additional notifications for a certain period with electronic media including e-mail, text, pop-up windows at login within the “Service.”
3-D. When a “Member” uses the “Company’s” “Service” after the date of application notified as in 3-C, it is seen as agreeing to the modified Terms of Service. A “Member” can freely cancel membership of the “Service” at any time, if he or she does not agree to the modified Terms of Service. When a “Member” using “Paid Service” does not agree to modification of the Terms of Service and wishes to cancel the membership, there will be refund following the Refund Policy decided by the “Company.”

4. Interpretation of the Terms of Service
4-A. Details and interpretations not defined in the Terms of Service will follow the related statutes and other common commercial practices.
4-B. When selling digital content or actual goods other than the “Service,” there will be separate Terms of Service and Privacy Policy noticed on the page, which will be considered to have priority for application.
4-C. The Terms of Service is provided in Korean, English and other languages for the convenience of the users. In case where the translation does not match the Korean, the Korean Terms of Service will be considered to have the priority.

5. Member Registration
5-A. Member Registration is completed when a person that wishes to become a “Member” (hereinafter referred to as “Member Registration Applicant”) agrees to the Terms of Service, apply to register to become a Member, and the “Company” accepts such registration.
5-B. The “Company” as a general rule accepts such applications from “Member Registration Applicant” to use the “Service.” However, the “Company” can reject or later on cancel the user agreement in following cases:
(1) When the Member Registration Applicant has lost its membership according to the Terms of Service, except for the cases where the “Company” agreed to a re-registration.
(2) When the identity used for registration was taken from another person.
(3) When the registered information was false, or not what the “Company” required.
(4) When a child under 14 years of age did not obtain legal representative’s (such as parents) agreement (this applies when a Member is confirmed to be a child under 14 years of age)
(5) When acceptance is impossible due to reasons attributable to users, or when the registration was submitted violating other designated affairs.
(6) When the Member Registration Applicant intends to use the “Service” for inappropriate purposes or to pursue profit.
(7) When the Member Registration was submitted for purposes against related statutes, or to harm social order or public morals.
(8) Other cases that violate the Terms of Service, registrations confirmed to be illegal or unjust, or when it is decided to be necessary to reject, based on the Company’s reasonable judgment.
5-C. At Member Registration according to 5-A and 5-B, the Company can request real name verification and user authentication depending on category of the Member.
5-D. The “Company” can postpone the acceptance when there are no allowances in service-related facilities, or there are technical or business-related problems.
5-E. In cases where the registration application was not accepted or postponed according to 5-D, the “Company” keeps it a general rule to notify the Member Registration Applicant.
5-F. The “Company” can categorize its “Members” and classify according to the Company’s policies to subdivide and differentiate in Service use, such as duration, frequency, or menu of the Service.

6. Modification of Membership Information
6-A. The “Member” can check his or her own personal information within the “Service” at “Account Management” screen at any time.
6-B. Member information essential for the management of the “Service,” such as ID, cannot be modified.

7. Responsibility of Protecting Personal Information
The "Company" shall try to protect personal information of the “Member” according to related statutes including “INFORMATION AND NETWORK ACT.” Regarding the protection and use of the personal information, related statutes and the “Company’s” Privacy Policy will apply.

8. Member’s Responsibility of Managing the Personal Information
8-A. The “Member” is responsible for managing the “Account” of the “Member,” and he or she should not allow any third party to use this.
8-B. The “Company” can put restrictions on use of an “Account” when a “Member’s” “Nickname” can lead to personal information leakage, is antisocial, against public morals or to be misunderstood as the “Company” or GM of the “Company.”
8-C. When a “Member” recognizes that his or her “Account” has been stolen or is being used by a third party, he or she must notify the “Company” immediately and follow the “Company’s” instructions.
8-D. In case of 8-C, the “Company” is not responsible for any loss if the “Member” does not notify the “Company,” or does not follow the “Company’s” instructions even if he or she notified the “Company.”

9. Notification to “Member”
9-A. When the "Company" is notifying the “Member,” unless otherwise mentioned in the Terms of Service, the notification can be done via e-mail or text within the “Service.”
9-B. In case where the notification is for the entire body of the “Members,” the “Company” can substitute the notification described in 9-A with posting the notification on the “Company’s” “Website” or the “Notice” screen within the “Service.”

10. Responsibilities of the “Company”
10-A. The “Company” does not conduct acts against related statutes, these Terms of Service or public morals, and shall try its best to provide a continuous and stable “Service.”
10-B. The “Company” should be prepared with security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that the “Member” can use the “Service” safely, and the “Company” notifies its Privacy Policy and abide by the policy.
10-C. The “Company” should handle suggestions and complaints related to its “Service” from the “Member” when they are recognized to be fair and just. Notifications on processing and the result of such suggestions and complaints from the “Member” will be sent via message or e-mail within the App, to the “Member.”

11. Responsibilities of the “Member”
11-A. The “Member” should not do the following:
(1) Submitting false information when registering or modifying information
(2) Stealing others’ information
(3) Collecting personal information or account information from another "Member"
(4) Revealing or transferring advertisement information in order to pursue profit, without prior consent from the “Company.”
(5) Duplicating, deconstructing, imitating or modifying the “Service” by processing it with reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling or any other methods
(6) Using the “Service” other than normal methods such as using automatic programs and therefore hinder the operation of the “Service” by overloading the “Company’s” server
(7) Granting access privileges to a third party other than himself or herself
(8) Infringing INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS such as copyright of the “Company” or any other third parties
(9) Slandering the honor or obstructing business of the “Company” or any other third parties
(10) Revealing or transferring obscene or violent messages in the “Service,” or any other information against public order and good morals
(11) Any other illegal or unjust acts
11-B. The “Member” shall follow related statutes, the Terms of Service, instructions and cautions notified in relation to the “Service,” and other notifications from the “Company,” and shall not conduct any acts to hinder the business of the “Company.”

12. Providing the “Service”
12-A. The Company can require processes such as Member Registration for providing the “Service.”
12-B. The Company can divide the “Service” in certain sections and designate available time periods for each section. However, in such cases, there will be prior notice.
12-C. The “Company” can temporarily stop the “Service” in cases such as repair and maintenance, change, malfunctioning, network disconnection of information and network facilities such as computers, or when there is a relevant cause related to the operation. In such cases, the “Company” should notify the “Member” in methods specified in 9. Notification to “Member.” However, if there are relevant reasons that the “Company” cannot give prior notice, it can notify afterwards.

13. Modification of the “Service”
13-A. The “Company” can add content or function to the “Service,” and the description of such additional content or function will be notified in prior to, or at the time of, the update.
13-B. The "Company" can modify or stop a part or all of the “Service” according to operational or technical necessities, in cases where there are difficulties in smoothly providing the “Service” or deteriorating profitability due to reduced usage, cases where there are necessities to shift to a next generation of the “Service” to follow technological development, cases where company policy related to providing the “Service” is modified, or if there are any other such reasonable causes.
13-C. The “Company” can edit suspend, or modify a part or all of the free “Service” according to company policy or operational necessities, and unless specific regulations apply from the related statutes, no separate compensation will be given to the “Member.”
13-D. In case where the content, method to use, duration of the “Paid Service” should be modified or the “Service” should be terminated, there will be prior notice about the reasons and dates before such modification or termination takes place, in methods such as “In-service Notice” or “Guide Page within the Service” so that the “Member” can well recognize, in a certain time period.

14. Providing Information and Advertisement Posting
14-A. The "Company" can post information related to the operation of the “Service” at Service screens.
14-B. The “Company” can post advertisements of the company or any other third parties in the “Service.”
14-C. The Service can include “Service” or “Content” from other businesses with partnership to the Company. The responsibility of such “Service” or “Content” is on the business that provides them, and such “Service” or “Content” can involve Terms of Service or other conditions designated by the provider.

15. Point
15-A. The name, form, and methods to use the “Point” can be fluidal depending on the details of the promotion.
15-B. In case where “Point” is being added, the “Company” will post or notify its accumulation standards, methods to use the Points, validity date and other limitations, through its “Service” screen or “Notifications.“
15-C. Validity period of “Point” can be set differently depending on the details of the promotion.
15-D. In cases where the “Member” uses the “Point” with unjust objectives or purposes, the “Company” can take away the “Point” or suspend the “Membership.”
15-E. From the converted/accumulated points, all of the unused “Points” will be instantly deleted at the time of “Membership” cancellation, and even after re-registration, such deleted “Point” will not be restored.
15-F. In case where there are errors in “Point” accumulation, the “Member” can request it to be corrected within a certain period of time, and the Company can go through a confirmation process and notify the results, and if necessary, correct the “Point.”
15-G. The “Company” can terminate the “Point” service for managerial or technical reasons with prior notice, and in such cases, all of the unused “Points” accumulated will be deleted on the notified date of the service termination.

16. Gem
16-A. “Gem” can be purchased with payment to “Paid Service,” or given to “Member” according to methods decided by the “Company.”
16-B. “Gem” cannot be exchanged to cash or any other economic profit other than purchasing the “Paid Service” designated by the “Company.” The amount, conditions and payment methods are decided by the “Company” and posted in the Service. 16-C. “Gem” can only be used in the “Account” in which the purchase was made, and it cannot be transferred to other “Accounts.”

17. Using “In-App Billing”
17-A. “Paid Service” of the “Company” can be purchased with “In-App Billing” function from “Open Market Businesses” depending on the device, and the “Member” can purchase digital content according to billing and operating policy of the “Open Market Business.”
17-B. The “Company” is not responsible in any way about “In-App Purchase” by third parties due to the “Member” not using the device or the Open Market’s password function, etc, or revealing such information in negligence.
17-C. The “Company” applies module, library, etc. for “In-App Billing” at Open Market, according to recommendations by Korea Communications Commission and “OPEN MARKET MOBILE CONTENT BILLING GUIDELINE.”

18. Refund Policy
18-A. The “Paid Service” available for the “Member’s” purchase are divided into two categories; the ‘Paid Service” that can be refunded, and the “Paid Service” that cannot be refunded. For the “Paid Service” that can be refunded, the request for refund can be made within 7 days after the purchase.
18-B. The refund is limited in the following cases:
(1) When the product (virtual currency, point, item, etc) given at the time of purchase is partially used.
(2) Paid Service that starts or applies instantly after the purchase
(3) Paid Service obtained while using the service, or given by the “Company” to the “Member” for free
(4) Items that can be considered to be used at the time of unsealing, or when items’ utility is decided at the time of unsealing
3. 18-C. Even in cases where “Paid Item” can be refunded, refund can be limited when 7 days has been passed after the purchase, or if the items are used, if the value is significantly reduced, and in cases where such refund request by the “Member” can be limited.
18-D. When a minor has purchased the “Paid Service” without the consent of his or her legal representative, the minor or legal representative can request the Company to refund, and the “Company” can request documents to prove the identity as legal representative. However, refund is limited when the purchase of the minor was within the range of asset permitted by the legal representative for the minor, or when the minor used tricks and such, to disguise as an adult. Whether the purchaser is minor or not is judged based on the owner of the device, or payment methods such as credit cards in which the payment was made.
18-E. When the “Member” declared a refund to be made, the “Company” should collect the Paid Service (virtual currency, point, items, etc), from “Member,” and within 3 business days after the collection refunds the amount in the same method in which the payment was made. In cases where the refund cannot be made in the same method, it will give prior notice. However, in cases where the payment method requires receiving confirmation, the refund will be made within 3 business days after the receiving confirmation was made.
18-F. When the refund is being processed due to reasons attributable to the ‘Member,” the “Member” is responsible to pay the fees and other expenses necessary in the refund.
18-G. Fees that occur in downloading the application or using the network (call charge, data charge, etc) can be excluded from refund.

19. Membership Cancellation
19-A. The “Member” can cancel the service use contract from settings in the “Service” at any time.
19-B. The “Company” can cancel the service use contract in following cases of the “Member.” The contract is cancelled at the time when the “Company” notified its will to cancel the contract to the “Member.” In this case, the notification can be sent via e-mail address registered by the “Member,” or with other methods. Applicable cases are as follows:
(1) Cases where acts were conducted to infringes rights, honor, credit, or any other legitimate profit of the “Company,” another “Member,” or any other persons, or acts that are against social order or public morals was conducted
(2) When acts that hinders smooth operation of the “Service” were conducted or attempted
(3) When false information or unidentified information about the “Service” were distributed
(4) Cases otherwise recognized that it is necessary to reject the “Service,” based on the “Company’s” reasonable judgment
19-C. When service use contract is being terminated, the following information from the “Member” will be deleted, and will not be restored even after re-registration.
(1) Account and Profile Information: ID (e-mail), Nickname, Password, Social Media Identification Information, etc
(2) Friend List: all friends list (blocked friends, hidden friends, added friends), friend recommendations, etc
(3) Purchase Record: purchased items/goods, etc
(4) Contents in Possession: virtual currency, stars, items, motions, etc
(5) Point: accumulated point record (unexpired points)
(6) Message: conversation record and content with friends and GMs
(7) All information saved in the device set by the user
19-D. Any loss occurred in relation to the termination of service use contract is on 이용계약의 종he “Member,” and the “Company” is not responsible in any way.

20. Restriction on Use of Service
20-A. The “Company” can restrict the use of “Service” by steps such as warning, temporary suspension, permanent suspension, etc., in the following cases of the “Member.”
(1) Registering false information at membership application
(2) Threatening the order of electronic commerce by obstructing others to use the “Service” or stealing information, etc.
(3) Conducting acts that are against statutes, public order and public morals
(4) When a “Member” manipulated billing information when purchasing the “Paid Service”
(5) When a “Member” indiscreetly repeats purchase and refund of the “Paid Service”
20-B. Despite the previous section, in cases where related statutes are violated such as illegal communication, hacking, distribution of malware that violate ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC. and COPYRIGHT ACT, the “Company” can instantly suspend the use of service permanently.
20-C. When the use of “Service” is restricted according to this section, notification to the “Member” will be done as specified in 9. Notification to “Member,” and an opportunity for defense can be given before the Member Registration is cancelled. When the “Company” acknowledges the objection from the “Member” is fair, the “Company” will recommence the “Member’s” use of “Service.”

21. Indemnification
21-A. The “Company” is exempt from responsibilities in the following cases:
(1) When the Service cannot be provided due to natural disasters or equivalent Force Majeure
(2) Any loss occurred due to necessary reasons such as service facility repair, change, periodical maintenance or construction.
(3) Obstructions in using the “Service” due to the causes attributable to the “Member.”
(4) Responsibility for the reliability or accuracy of the information, materials or facts that the “Member” uploaded related to the “Service.”
(5) Cases of trades between the “Members” or a “Member” and a third party using the “Service” as the medium.
(6) Cases of third party purchase due to negligence of the “Member”
(7) Any loss occurred due to illegal server interruption or suspension by a third party
(8) Any loss occurred due to error, omission, destruction of the transferred data on the network

22. Governing Law and Competent Court
These Terms of Service are regulated and interpreted according to the Laws of the Republic of Korea, and if disputes between “Company” and “Member” should be brought before the court, the competent court will be decided according to processes defined in related statutes.
Supplemental Terms
These Terms of Service is effective starting from November 00, 2015.

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